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"let yourself go out into a world where every step you take will be a delight"
Individual tailoring of
women's and men's closet
As a tailor: I take into account the individual features of the figure and the preferences of the client to create a unique thing that sits perfectly and emphasizes his virtues
As a personal stylist: I spend style consultations,
sort out closet, help comfortably and efficiently
make shopping
Repair and fitting/
perfect fit of clothing
I offer you a professional clothing repair service:
resizing, fitting, changing fittings, patch
Evening dresses and suits
I create clothes based on the history of fashion and the latest trends. I translate abstract desires into concrete fashion images. I don't limit myself in the use of materials, from old clothes to high-end fabrics.
I emphasise the individuality of each falera, preserving the cultural heritage of traditional
costume. I select materials, use traditional and modern techniques and modern techniques.
I studied falera sewing at the Art moda school.
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A meeting in person, which lasts for an hour or two, where you tell us about your requests, make an advance payment and together we create a full sketch of the image, taking into account your style, figure features, color preferences and finances. Come dressed appropriately so you can take your measurements
Acquisition of fabric and Fittings
You can do it yourself or together with me
Preparing a sketch
Final dressing and cutting of fabric
Fitting and straightening
Then there will be a fitting of a garment based on based on the pattern created. Revisions and corrections will be made to achieve a perfect fit and style
Providing the finished garment
Upon completion, you pick up the finished product and make payment